Best Mac Apps for PHP Developers

This is a click-bait title, but I know that this is something that I have looked at when I first started using the Mac platform daily for work over a year ago. I love finding the best applications out there for the job at hand. Many of these titles are my daily-drivers, and some I only use when needed. This is mostly suited to the Lamp Stack but many of these tools will help many people.


PHPSTORM – I love the IntelliJ platform, but I try to not drink the kool aid. Don’t be dogmatic, be pragmatic with the tools you use. This tool replaces multiples such as FileZilla and code merging tools.


Sequel Pro – This is an amazingly simple tool that lets you jump into a DB way faster than Workbench. Let crashing too IMO.


Chrome – You can’t really bead Chrome’s Debugger, although I have a buddy at work that swears by Safari.

Other Tools

Flux – Be easier on your eyes.
XCode – This has an excellent file merge tool and helps with other development.
Unclutter – Amazing for Notes and Copying and Pasting
LastPass – It might get hacked someday, but for now, I trust my random passwords to be accessible across multiple platforms.

You can get a lot of these tools (and many more) installed easily with