About Me

I am self-directed, driven, effective communicator, and problem solver. These are just some of the overused terms that you have heard before from a future-hire. The difference here is that I am not a clock-in, clock-out employee. I enjoy working with and connecting with people, having fun, taking pride in my achievements, and learning from my mistakes.

I seek the Dream Employer:

  • Tech: TDD, Agile/Scrum, CI, Automated Tests, Web/Mobile Apps, Peer Programming, Best Practices, Newer Tech
  • Culture: Transparency, Open Communication, Minimal Hierarchy, Minimal Drama
  • Growth: Continuous Education(Tuition Reimbursement), Coaching, Frequent Reviews, Frequent Raises
  • Environment: Work-Life Balance (40hrs/weekdays), Work-Family Relationships, Collaboration
  • Benefits: Full Medical, 3+ Weeks Vacation, Bonuses, 401(k) 100% Match, Remote Work Possible

Current interests:

  • UX/UI/Frontend
  • Full Stack
  • Mobile Development