Learn to Code Resources

You may be wondering where you should go to learn new things. The problem with today isn’t that there aren’t enough resources to learn how to code, it is that there are too many. Here I list the ones that I enjoy myself or that come highly recommended from other people in the field.

While there are many free resources, and I will list them as I can, I believe that time is a resource that we can never get back. I highly recommend getting the best resource available for what you can afford. I will mark free resources with an *.

Some of the links here are affiliate links and I may get a small commission for your purchases. It costs you nothing extra and helps support my website. Thank you!

Command Line

The Linux Command Line* for the paperback.
You can get the free digital edition here*.


Best Introductory Book
HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites
This is a great reference and introduction to HTML and CSS. You can also pick up used copies for dirt cheap.


Best Introductory Book
Head First JavaScript Programming: A Brain-Friendly Guide
If you want a more intuitive and engaging approach to learning JavaScript, this is a great book for that. I recommended it to one of my co-workers and it helped her take the move from manual QA analyst to doing QA Automation.

Best Intermediate or Advanced Book Series*
You Don’t Know JS Yet Series
This book is done by a master of JavaScript and he will teach you the ins and outs of JS. You can also read the book series FREE here*.


Best Introductory Book
Head First Java, 2nd Edition
Another Great Head First Book. I used this one at University and I find it to be much more engaging than most text books.

Best Intermediate Java Book
Core Java Volume I–Fundamentals (11th Edition) (Core Series)
This book covers introductory to more advanced topics. Some may be more advanced if you are brand new to programming.