Create a New Enterprise Grade Angular App in Minutes

Have you been wondering which plugins to use to make your angular project use best practices? You know you want to use prettier in your angular app but you don’t know how to set it up with tslint?

This is where ngXRocket comes in. It is a slightly opionated CLI that allows you to effortlessly spin up an enterprise grade front end Angular App in minutes (or seconds???).

So what are the commands?

npm install -g generator-ngx-rocket generator-ngx-compodoc generator-ngx-cypress
npx new

What do I get?

Optimized build and bundling process with Webpack
Development server with backend proxy and live reload
Cross-browser CSS with autoprefixer and browserslist
Internationalization managed by ngx-translate.
Asset revisioning for better cache management
Unit tests using JasmineKarma and headless Chrome
End-to-end tests using
Static code analysis: TSLintCodelyzerStylelint and HTMLHint
Local knowledgebase server using Hads
Documentation using Compodoc
Progressive Web App (PWA) support provided by @angular/service-worker
Native mobile application bundling is based on Cordova (slightly modified for compodoc and cypress addons)

What are you waiting for?

Your boss will love you for it, and all of your co-workers will praise your name.

If you aren’t convinced, just take a look at the documentation here. It is really neat what you get out of the box:

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