Video Marketing World 2019 – Notes From Session

Table of Contents (To Come)

Random Notes

  • Talk Trigger – Check out the book
  • VideoAmigo – Free tool for Youtube – It Takes your data but allows you to use the platform free
    • Organize video data
    • Lets you know how you compare with your competition – tells you where you fall with your competition and what the top 10% of your niche is
    • 1.5 billion videos on platform
    • 7 min 22 seconds is the average video length

Shaun McKnight

The Secrets We Learned That Gained 14M Subscribers and Billions of Views

  • I missed this presentation 🙁 See more below!!!


Best Practices for Shooting

  • Main Platforms (Youtube, Linkedin, Repurpose content on multiple platforms) – Youtube – Repurpose Content Across things – Linkedin is where the money is at – Facebook Live is where facebook is at
    • Get More subs
    • Experiment (how to categories)
    • Make it different
    • Make the call to action unique (“every time you sub a puppy is born)
    • Tiktok gives you ideas of what to create (great opportunity to get discovered)
    • Small Channels Monetize faster
    • Sell something
    • create landing page with Pdf to get peoples content
    • Soft sell your favorite things – put aff link in desc
    • Don’t try to sell, sell, sell ( build your audience so you can build it later)
      • Serve your audience first, then you can sell down the road
    • Social Media that is a time waster
    • Find what platforms that help you for your niche
    • There is not a lot of crossover from facebook to youtube – it is hard to convert people to watch
    • If you want to have multi-language content it is uaually best to have a brand new channel in that language
    • Try instagram video – good way to get started on the platform
  • repurposing – create snippets for another platform

Tim Schmoyer

Using YouTube to Explode Sales For Your Business

Convert people into Sales the right way

  • Youtube allows you to reach people at scale

Goals of Youtube

  • Session Start (a video that gets people to watch videos over and over on the platform) – Watch Time – Total Session Time


  • Content + Metadata (but mostly content
  • Optimize for people not for robots


  • Single Goal for each video
    • Discoverable (gets people to watch your library of content)
    • Highly produced Style
    • CTA (keep watching other videos)
    • Dont say anything that lets people know the video is over
    • You can go from 1% to 40% CTR on the end of videos if you stop telling people to leave
    • Community (Know, like, trust)
    • Informal Style
    • CTA (Engagement)
    • Sales
    • Goal – Get off yotube
    • Style varies
    • CTA: Click link
    • Case study
    • went from 5 times a week selling to 1 time a week and guy went from 20k to 100k in sale in 1 month (this is the method above) QA
  • You can unlist a sales video if a sale is over
  • A lot of the time your hobby can become your job if you make if fun
  • The exact time of day isn’t important compared to releasing on the same day
  • You can do a 1.99 tier for paid content

Evan Carmichael

  • Do small starts and small tests
  • Problem with Linkedin and Instagram (no long tail of content)
  • What are you the greatest at (put your time there, not editing, etc)
  • Treat your channel like a business
  • Youtube should be your home for longform content (don’t be super fance in beginneing)
  • Your 1 minute video comes from your youtube analytics – get the highest retention of your long form 10 minute video and take that snippet and upload it to Instagram
  • Small tests, less pressure (put production quality low for small tests)
  • *don’t spend 20 minutes recording and 4 hours editing – get better at delivering with no edits – spend time on delivery and not on edit – So script, and presentation skills
  • *consistant, valuable content is 80% of making it happen, the other 20 is platform specific (Focus on the right thing)
  • *Your skills are transferrable to other platforms – don’t be worried about a platform disappearing
  • *as a business owner, put all your eggs in one basket, and watch that basket grow
  • burnout, Make sure you are going what you love – Seinfield – the torch you can endure
  • what is energizing you? Your business is always a reflection of you
  • 80% of your traffic is non-subscribers or your channel is dying
  • *Gain subscribers around your values (make people feel) not around your content -build a brand through feeling connecting to you and your story (you can branch this way)

Sean Cannell and Benji

The Rapid Growth Youtube Plan: A Surefire Strategy to Start & Grow Your Channel to 500,000+ Subscribers

  • Put your head down and focus to get to work
  • we interviewed 150 video influencers and know what works and what doesn’t
  • Framework for what makes Success on Facebook

The 7 Cs

  • Tactics with Poor Strategy always leads to failure
  1. Courage
  2. Clarity
  3. Channel
  4. Content
  5. Community
  6. Cash
  7. Consistency


  • 1 challenge of people is fear
  • Stop overthinking (John has 500k subs and doesn’t edit his videos)
  • Have a Polarizing Point of View (stand for something) – Controversy grows your channel
  • Picking a fight gets things started


  • Who is your content for? !Software Developers 1-30 years of experience
  • What is the promised value?
  • When are you going to deliver that value?


  • Home for your Content
  • You’ll never get a second chance to make anothe impression


  • Heart
  • Think of Audience First (Gary V – 90% of people are putting out selfish content)
    • Become an Educator or an Entertainer
    • Value (start and end with the value)
  • Title Content and Thumbnail all need to Mesh
    • Make your title a cliff hanger
    • Research before you press record – Keyword research
    • vidiq keyword research tool
    • First 10 to 40 seconds is the hook
  • Timing is everything -VidIq will tell you exactly the hour (Best Time To Post) and will give you best day/time to post
  • Double Down on What is Working
    • Look at top videos and do those more often
    • VidIQ Channel Audit Tool will tell you the content to double down on
    • to get 30 days free


  • Engagement and Responding Back to PEople is how you can get succes



  • Create smart systems to help you crang out videos
  • (How to Batch Videos)
  • Youtube is a Marathon and not a sprint @SeanCannell @BenjamanTV

Judi Fox

How to Launch on LinkedIn and Create Content That Brings in Tons of Leads

  • What you focus on expands
  • Linkedin is a Social Proof Platform
  • If you want to get into Forbes (LinkedIn/Twitter)
  • Profile that Converts
    • Your profile should be a landing page (Top of FUnnel)
    • attract ideal clients
    • Position You as an Authority
    • Call to Action
    • Business Page/Company PAge
    • Keywords for Search
    • Two Media Files with Call to Action
  • Your Page
    • Who You Are
    • Your Results
    • See Roger Wakefield and Judi Fox profiles to find more about them
  • Contacts
    • Tell people to follow other socials
  • Build Your Network and Social Currency Momentum
    • Community Building Activities
    • Comment Strategy/Hashtags
    • Follow 10 People
      • 3 x Current/Past Client
      • 3 x Future Ideal Clients
      • 3 x Collegues / Peers
      • 1 x Expert of Wild Card
    • Tell people in messages that you want to connect in comments
    • comment within 30 min to 1hr to ride out a comment
    • join in a hashtag
    • use your own hashtag
    • connect with your tribe by following other people who like the same content as you do
    • Comment tagging brings people into your
    • Getting people to click see more as it will get you SEO juice
      • +1 for a share
      • +2 for a see more
      • +2 Like a post
      • +3 Comment on a post
    • comment on all of your shared content
    • Turn your posts into Articles
    • Connect with Cool People and Past/Present/Future Clients
    • Comments is how you gro

Company Page = Lead Generation

  • You can have high conversion


  • Native Video
    • Make your text other focused
    • Send your clear signal
    • Look in the camera
    • Call to Action


  • Only tag people in posts that you know
  • Make it like a conversation you would have if you tag people

You can click the … next to a message in LinkedIn and mark it as spam

  • Grab attentinon in first 3-10 seconds
  • Recognize your video
  • Build recognition – 15-90 seconds
  • No bumper videos
  • First frame is thumbnail
  • First impression is similar to youtube
  • Do verticle on the phone (do an a x b test or mix content up)
  • Square is another option to do it across other platforms
  • / inshot / powtoon
  • caption with Quicc / Zubtitle
  • Live
    • beta
    • application to get in
    • need 3rd party tools (see slides for all tools)
    • get good lighting and sound
    • plan your link

Try AudioGrams – podcast snippets – put a closs up video

Linkedin is a back/forth conversation platform


  • evoke emotion
  • funify
  • capture attention
  • hits a trending topic
  • collaborate
  • shoutout and lift up other people
  • Ask for Advice
  • Ask people to take action
  • talk about other people to get likes on Linkedin
    • timestamp in a video where people are so that they watch it
  • Call to action to get people to leave a comment and you will send them the content that you have
    • create whitepaper and landing site and send people to that to get their info


  • *lOOK FOR BUZZSUMO ARTICLE AND Judis website to find all fo the suggestions

Send Voice Messages in DMs to get people to engage

  • do the same with video to get people to connect

One Second App, Change your life


Growing Your Community by Leading a Niche and Establishing Your Voice

Dominate your niche

  • Being clear with who you are is finding your Niche
  • Find your zone of Genius – Dominate and show up
  • Stop looking at your subscribers as numbers adn think of them as people
  • Bring your personality into your videos
  • What did you love as a child? (A good question to find your niche)
  • Video allows you to know if people want to work with you or not – they know your vibe and personality
  • When you know who you are, you can’t be anyone else
  • *Operate from your soul instead of from your ego(fear) – Xayli Barcley
  • Ignore the critics, sympathize with them
  • What makes you different
    • Educate people on who you are and why people should buy from you
  • People Buy from People
  • Facebook groups can help nourish people
    • People will follow you if they like you
    • Funnel people to you (website, or other place you own)
  • How do you monetize an audience
    • Take them on a Journey
    • Let them know what you are doing
  • *People don’t pay for info, they pay for Access now
  • Make your content Messy – Make your paid content organized

Tools Panel

  • Vidchops – editing your videos
  • Quicc – Subtitle your videos
  • VideoAmigo – See top 10% thumbs in your niche
  • Thinkific – Platform for building online courses
  • Find Best Tool
    • What takes up most of your time
    • Aurora pulse – get notified of your brand being mentioned online
  • Your audience is not all on one platform
    • re-purpose your content so you can share it on multiple
  • Capture that email address from the beginning

Jase Bennett

Tearing UP the Script – How to Earn Loads of Revenue by THinking Outside of the Box With Video

  • Digital creators have something big companies don’t have – a following
  • Get the right WHO in front of your audience (if you are a business)
  • YOur size on platforms doesn’t matter
    • Its a percentage game – percentage of engagement is the real metric
    • It matters what you are currently doing with engagement with your audience
  • Money isn’t your only currency (social currency)
    • Get a digial design
    • Create an instagram/facebook campaign
    • Pay nothing and create a shopify account
  • Did you get out too soon?
    • Do stick it out long enough to get traction?
    • When should you get out of an opportunity?
    • Inverted Bell curve, you quit at the bottom but the momentem of getting to the bottom could have gotten you to the top
  • *All platforms are fighting for meaningful conversation
    • using controversy in your niche (funny, parody)
    • poll your people constantly to know which one will come ahead
    • One thing you can’t fake easily is shares, make your content sharable/taged
    • Get conversation or a share going!
  • The products to focus on are products are very different from the usual ones or where you have a large following
    • Try a test and roll your money over until you grow it to sell the product/company
    • Social media personalities will beat the sales of actors /brick and mortor/ online stores

Day 2

Random Notes

  • Take what you know and just put it on Video
  • – become youtube certified


The Future of Video on Linkedin and Why Everyone Needs to be on the Platform Right Now

  • Jake Melton Built a Brand and was able to market his book with 0 dollars spent on marketing
  • 645 million global users but only 3 million sharing content weekly (0.5%)
    • organic reach is still amazing and free
    • video gets 20x more shares than any other type of content
    • 80% is viewed with sound off
    • 57% is viewed on mobile
    • 5x more likely to get comments
    • 80% of b2b leads on social media come from linkedin
  • Lookup “Empathy Map – Craig Fisher” to find and define who your ideal client(audience) is and what they want
  • You draw the audience of who you solve problems for on Linkedin
  • You can focus on different parts of your tribe with each piece of content
  • You can literally find your audience by typing in the search bar and connect and create value for them
    • Targeted messaging is what
  • Check out the Otter.Ai app – it will transcribe different voices for you

Content Ideas

  • Promo videos
  • Live events (documentaries about travel and speaking)
  • Speaking/Teaching Videos
  • Collaborate with other content creators
  • Maximize exposure across both networks
  • 10 Tips/10 days
  • Video interviews
  • Articles
  • Series and Themes (#JobSearchStories)
  • Types of Content
    • Educate
    • Inform
    • Inspire
    • Entertain
  • Answer Audience’s burning questions
  • Be Specific
  • Bullet points
  • Tips
  • Taped Speeches
  • Announcements
  • Documenting life
  • Solve your audiences pain points (how tos, etc)
  • Campaigns (Ten Tips 10 Days)
  • Be Original

What makes good content

  • publicly take risks
  • vulnerablility
  • Story telling element
  • Call to action
  • Short and Sweet
  • Powerful
  • Real (Be You)
  • Inspire

Benton Crane

How to Use Video to go From an Obscure Start-Up to a Household Brand-Name That People Know, Love, and Trust

Big Media

  • Controlled Content and Distribution
  • This controlled our attention
  • Attention is where the money is out
  • Attention = Content + Distribution

2 Types of Content

  1. Asks
  2. Gives 2 Types of Distribution
  3. Buy it (Ads)
  • Purple Mattress
    • Economic Engine – Sales
      • $1 to Buy Ads, $1.50 out
  1. Earn it (Social Media, Email, etc)
  • Gary Vee
    • Economic Engine – Profits from Elsewhere

Startup to Household Name

  1. Conversion (ask)
  2. Branded Conversion (Give and ask)
  3. Branding (Give)
  • Start with Paid Distribution
  • Afterwards, go to Earn it strategy once the money is flowing
  1. Snuggie disappeared because they didn’t make the investment in the long haul
  • They never did the “Give” Marketing

How to build a sales engine

  • Do it cheap before you do it expensive
    • All these steps in order allow you to mitigate risk
    • Sell in person (iterate fast and find messaging and what works)
    • Sell via text/image with the messaging you found
    • Sell via cheap video
    • Sell via professional video

How to Build a Brand

  • Prioritize tactics
  • Build a Road Map and take it step by step

How to Get Harmon Bros Help?

  • 10 day script challenge – Live w/ Daniel Harmon
    • Handholding to do process in parallel with writers
  • Get help with roadmap
    • email


  • Funnels start out simple
  • They become more complex over time

Equity based structures is a good way grow your business without having to drop money on the content

Scott Simson

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Social Media Space to Rise Above Your Competition

  • There is a ton of noise on Youtube LEGEND

L ane

Connect With Your Audience

  • don’t deviate from what you are great at
  • don’t segment your audience
  • AUthentic and passonate
  • people dont want a pitch they want a connection
  • Maybelline has 250k subs
  • NikkiTutorials has 12.2M subs
  • Find an angle
    • if your category, combine multiple categories into a super category -What are you an expert in and how can you stand out?
    • Your industry + Your Talent/Passion/Creative Spin
    • Coolest Retainers
    • ASMR Skateboarding Channel

E xpert message and image

  • represent your brand 100% of your time
  • be pursposeful with every post
  • offer value in an articulate manner
    • public relations training
    • speech training
    • video training
  • never deviate from your message
    • Tony Robbins doesn’t talk about how Traffic Sucks
    • Gary V doesn’t talk politics
  • Become a master storyteller
    • character driven stories release oxytocin
    • put other people in your narrative (get them to ask these questions)
    • How would I feel if I was in their position?
    • Would I handle this situation differently?
    • Zeigarnik Effect
    • When someone feels like something isn’t resolve, they will come back

Do’s and donts

  • be vulnerable – not draining
  • be engaging – but self aware
  • don’t exploit
  • be optimistic

G enerous and Strategic

  • Always give value
    • People tell you what they want through engagement and comments
  • entertain
  • educate
  • enlighten
  • respond to comments
  • answer questions
  • let people into your outer walls
    • don’t tell them deep secrets
  • Get people to ask questions with thumbnaails
  • Keyword research

E xplode Your Community

  • Value (don’t just advertise)
  • Connection (on the emotional level)
  • Communication
  • Multiplatform Effect
  • Leadership
  • Collaborations is key to exploding

N ail the Right Mindset

  • Fearless
  • Self Confident
  • Tenacious

D ominate the World

  • Develop a Pro Image
    • Lighting
    • Camera
    • Sound
    • Graphics
    • Professional Photography – makes you look better
    • Power of the Platform – Get yourself on Stage – Speaking
    • Power of Polish – Dress well and for success
    • Improve

Mark Kaye

Video Funnels – The Best Way to EArn Money With Video

  • 577 people have made 7 figures
    • Flashlights
    • Sheet metal (Collin Wayne Erwin)
    • Books
    • Evemt (Brike Fest LIve)
    • All types of products
    • Tour
    • Books
    • Events
    • Products
  • Click Funnels is for Startups and existing businesses
  • I built an idea and made $1500 in a fe hours
  • Russell Brunson
    • $0 to $100M in 4 years using Click funnels to build his own business
  • Sales funnels let you get more and more money out of less and less people
  • Click funnels are better than websites because they have one purpose, SELL
  • Sales funnels clone your best sales people
    • They let you cut out a lot of middle men
    • They make your sales easy but they let you take care of the marketing
  • Funnel Hackers (find funnels and hack them)
    • How to ethically setal $1,000,000 of funnel hacks from your competitors
    1. Model what works
    2. Buy Their Product
    3. Sketch out a business model fomr the other businesses funnel
    • Find a funnel –
    • 100,000 successful funnels
    • Funnel CLone
    • The Script
    • Who – I’m tony robbins
    • What – New book
    • Why – get better at money
    • How – buy today
    • Traffic Hack
    • How to get the same customers from competitors
    • – Find out where companies are getting their business
      • see what ads they are running and length
    • Model the message, design, etc
      • 20 dollar banners .com

Kristen Hills

Communities Are Better Than Customers – How to Build and Grow a Community of raving and Loyal Fans

Emotional Connections

  • Get your passion to match your audiences passion
    • Passions don’t have to be a BIG thing, they can be little passions
    • Created family challenge (eat with family 5 days a week)
    • These people wanted the book

Getting Personal

  • Telling a Story
  • You can find out how long your audience will stick around to hear a story

Physical Connection

  • Hat (Tim Schmoyer)
  • Beard (Roger – the Plumber Dude)
  • Could be the same background

Live Connection

  • FaceBook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Get them on by asking them good questions
  • Make them feel special!
  • Listen and respond
  • Social Media Connection
    • Ask Questions – Comments
    • Respond
    • Passions (Christmas Music)
    • You block comments on Youtube?
    • Have them answer your questions on IG or Facebook

Why Have a Dedicated Audience?

  • They will come back
  • They trust you
  • They will talk about and share your videos with their friends
  • Tried to sell a product that they had success on
    • Others failed
    • No connection with Audience
    • They never sold things to their customers before
  • You can sell almost anything you want if you have a dedicated audience

Devin Weber

How Having a Strong YouTube Presence Can Grow Other Areas of Your Business

  • Know your strengths and know your weakness
    • Farm out your weakness
  • Don’t Deviate from your strong vision and mission
  • You don’t have to be the best at insertthinghere, you just have to be the best teacher
  • If you deviate from your message, you wont be able to establish a baseline
    • Your baseline is established through the questions your audience ask
    • Go become the perceived though leader in your industry
  • Be approachable and let people reach out to you
    • Answer all of your comments
  • Your analytics are your friends
    • you can find new video ideas by looking at analytics and tweaking thw winners
    • for example, our audience likes fire, lets set an electric skateboard on fire and skate it in a bowl
  • Don’t rely on the Algorithm, have an engagement strategy
    • Use stories
    • Get Instagram Followers
    • Our strategy is MAKE SEARCHABLE VIDEOS
    • this means suggested and search
  • Best advice, if you want to be successful and make money this must be your passion
    • If you do it for the money you won’t make money and you won’t be the best

Roberto Blake

Video Strategy for Brands 2020

Learn the Secret Tactics used in Television Production That Will Keep Your Audience Wanting

  • You can build great relationships through your contnet

Television is Dead

  • You have to create content that connects with your consumers
  • 80% of all content will be video on the internet soon
  • Noone buys things from TV anymore (directly)

The Value of Online Video

  • Video Grows your business
    • Educated Consumers are happier to buy
    • Direct Sales Opportunities
    • Grows your Email
    • YOU have to communicate unique and specific value
    • Youtube lets you grow your brand through the long tail

Becoming the Netflix of Niche

  • Original Content is the real strength of your Brand
  • Use Tropes in pop culture and use it as a powerful asset to establish your brand
    • Highlight the interesting things in your Niche
    • Your brand doesn’t have to be boring
  • 2 billion people are one youtube daily – this is half of the internet
  • Searchable content is a 24/7 traffic funnel
    • A view is a session, data, a cookie, and lets you eliminate assumptions

Prioritizing Platforms / Platform Purpose

  • YT – Archive
  • Linkedin – Authority (Short form interview is good play)
  • IG – Empathy/Connection
  • AMazon Prime – Awareness
  • Twitter – Reach/Sharable
  • Facebook Awareness/Remarket
  • Live Video – Engagement

Online Show Format

  • Theeme based
  • fully branded
  • Host with Personality
  • Consistant Schedule
  • Promotion and Marketing of upcoming episodes
  • Introverts can be some of the best Interviewers

Crafting Quality Content

  • Quality != Production
    • A Quality Video is about the experince the viewer had watching it
    • Its making something unique
    • See Hot Ones by First We Feast
    • Perfect show because it captures other peoples audiences
    • Does a different angle on interviews
    • Weekly and Consistent
  • Quality is irrelivant if you don’t have VALUE
    • Interesting
    • Relevant
    • Engaging
  • Done is better than perfect
    • Production Quality (Objective)
    • Video
    • Audio
    • Editing
    • Presentation Quality is (Subjective)

Video Strategy for Brand

  • Distribution Strategy
  • Read, Watch, Listen, Look

3 Types of Content

  • Hero – Broad
  • Hub (Community)
  • Help (Search) Its easy to use content non-specific content

The Video Success System

  • 10 point outline
  • Get Roberto’s Slides he will be tweeting and sharing it out there is a lot of stuff that is missing from these notes


The Best Strategies For Using Live Video for Growing Your Business

  • A lot of people hide their live stream viewer count
  • Be yourself even if no-one shows up
  • Provide Value
  • Livestreams can be hours long
  • Dress in Black
  • Livestream is being yourself more than putting on a show
  • Try – BeLive Video – Lets you sell your product
  • do a 45 min to 1hr show if you are selling something live
  • Use – make a template
  • Try Agora Polls
  • Just do it, don’t overthink it
    • Local business challenges can be successful (food challenge)
  • Make your show a value statement
    • Make your guest the star of the show
    • dont pitch in the middle, show people how you have value
  • Make sure to engage with Audience
  • Put something behind you during the video that matches with what you do
  • Be come a guest on other linkedin Live Shows near you
    • go to the most relevant ones
    • engage in other peoples show
  • Be a guest on other peoples podcast
  • Tell people you are going live right now
  • Make a instagram story and reuse on Twitter and Linkedin
  • Start Watch Party on other peoples groups to doing Youtube Live
  • Block Trolls and don’t be afraid

Travis Chambers

10 Types of Video Ads That Drove $300M in Revenue

  • Facebook has more advertising dollars than space
  • Mastering Video Ads can 2-10x your profitablility
  • Chamber Video Sales Funnel = Video Assets
    • Tip of funnel
    • 50% of Spend
    • Anchor Video
    • Modern TV Commercial
    • Hero Video
    • Introduces people to your brand
    • Mid funnel
    • 30% of Spend
    • Before / After
    • VS (compare products)
    • Upsales
    • Leasd Gen Bribes
    • Write a list on all the objections people have to your product, make your videos according the those objections
    • Purchase Process
    • Press Awards
    • Low funnel
    • 20% ad spend
    • Testimonials
    • Add To Cart Reminder
    • Small Offer
    • Big Offer
    • Upsell
    • Thank you
    • Dynamic Product
  • You have to shoot a ton of stuff and test – sometimes you don’t know why stuff works

Anchor Videos

  • 50% of Ad Spend
  • Hook
  • Teaser (Give them reason to keep watching for a long time)
  • Intro to brand in 10 seconds
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Call to Action
  • Bridge
  • Testimonials
  • Call to Action
  • Use the “Mystery Box Tactic”
    • Think, Lost Series
  • Skeptics
    • They think that raw content is more credible ( this is half of people)
  • Both Skeptic(Raw video) and highly produced video is important
  • You can’t depend just on Pixels to get the data for your actual ROI
    • Look at your direct sales
    • THen your in-market / search
    • then Direct traffic
    • then brick/mortor

10 commandments of Anchor Video

  1. Bake in Logo (Brand Awareness)
  2. Close up every 10 seconds (keep attention with spokesperson)
  3. Call to Action – Every 20 to 30 seconds
  4. 5 alt video intros and do a-b testing
  5. Use music additively – Sparingly
  6. Shoot Modularly
  7. Quick cuts and lots of push-ins
  8. Speed up 1-12% – 105%
  9. Compare and Demonstrate
  10. Social Proof

Final Words

  • Take the three ideas in your head
    • Pick one as your big priority and execute on it!

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