How I Keep Current

I was asked in an interview how I learn and train myself and keep up in the software development industry. I didn’t do a great job of explaining how and why I stay relevant in the field of web development, train myself, and more. Here is my asynchronous answer to that question. Disclaimer: I have at least one affiliate link in here but I actually use these products.

Online Learning Sites:

  • PluralSight – This site is amazing! I love the quality of the content on here. I haven’t even started to use all of the features on it. One of my favorites is the PluralSightIQ. I am planning on doing a blog post about this shortly. Pluralsight Free Trial Click Here!
  • – Now owned by LinkedIn, this site also has great content but is a bit more broad in scope than PluralSight.

Books (I want to/currently reading):

Youtube Channels: